Keene Consulting - A Governmental Consulting and Advocacy Firm
Keene Consulting is a firm that specializes in providing high-quality business development services.

Utilizing our broad range of legal, political and procurement expertise, we are certain we can support and advance your legislative or market penetration objectives.  

Whether engaging mid-level or C level department or agency relationships to show your value, navigating the complex world of California State IT procurement and procurement vehicle processes, or moving your objectives through the State Legislature, we have what you need to advance your business goals.

  • 3 years of in-house senior business development work with a well established world-wide software vendor.  Utilizing a bottom up/top down approach, specifically focused on advancing IT opportunities within the heart of the California State Departments and Agencies, engaging State elected and appointed leadership where needed.

  • Member of the California State Bar with 27 years of active law practice negotiation experience including securing California State procurement vehicles, navigating IT contract terms and conditions, and drafting and advancing state legislation.

  • 16 years of elected California State and City Government experience, serving as a California City Mayor a member of the California State Legislature as the Vice Chair of the State Assembly Budget Committee, as well as advancing multiple legislative initiatives.

Look around our website and please feel free to contact us with any inquiries.  We look forward to discussing the opportunity of helping you advance your company to the next level.

Thanks for visiting us.
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